Wednesday, November 17, 2010

family photos

so we had a friend take some pictures for us and they turned out fabulous--and i'm not just saying that because my family is so cute! here are some of my favorites!

i love this one! it's nice to have an updated family photo--if you'll remember the last one was taken before we moved out to buffalo!

my girls are so super cute--really can you argue?!

i love this one because it is cute and it shows off our interests.

do i need to say anything?

my little girl is not so little any more! she is becoming a beautiful young woman!

one of their better moments!

i absolutely love this one!

i love you justin!

my little sweetie!

justin and his girl!

riley's favorite mode of transportation!

one of my favorites!

we chose this spot for pictures because it is one of our favorite parks in the buffalo area. glenn park in williamsville has a gorgeous waterfall, the river is wonderful and they have a farmer's market every saturday during the summer. the park is on the site of an old mill. we love this park and thought it represents what our family loves about western new york!
thanks carolyn!

9 comments: said...

I love these pictures! Beautiful family!!

Shellie said...

You look absolutely beautiful. Great photos.

Sherrie said...

I love those pics! My favorite is of you and Valen, so beautiful! When did she grow up???

We just got ours done, and I miss Becky and Kimbur's talents.

Necha said...

No David! One of our favorites too! Cute pics! :)

The Favorite said...


MandaJ said...

They turned out great. Your girls are getting so big! Thanks for sharing.

kristenita said...

I love these!
time for another update!
miss you.

I Absolutely LOVE the one of riley looking up at the camera. her eyes kill me!

Gruwells said...

These are DARLING!!! It was so, so good to see you! love you......

Ilona Nicole said...

I miss Valen. She probably doesn't remember me, but we were best friends in 2nd or 3rd grade. If you check the comments can you tell her that Ilona L. misses her?